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VisionMod Cages: An Economical Steel Cage Option

Daywalk offers a variety and selection of steel cages of varying sizes for every use and load. However, as an economical option, the company also offers its range of VisionMod Premium Modular Pallet Steel Cages.


What makes the VisionMod steel pallet cage line advantageous as an option?


Sturdy Sides

VisionMod pallet cages have bolted steel mesh sides that will suit any transportation or warehousing needs. The steel mesh sides mean that any materials, products, equipment, or containers placed inside is secure, and goods can quickly be identified, improving organisation during transportation. The VM is also engineer rated, ensuring your transport can be safety compliant.


Sturdy Support

This type of steel pallet cage is specially designed to provide sturdy and rigid support for containers or drums that may carry a variety of cargo or liquids, including dangerous or chemical fluids. Unlike using ordinary wooden pallets, VisionMod steel cages are made from sturdy galvanised steel, ensuring the longevity of the cage itself.



VisionMod steel cages have a hardwood pallet floor instead of galvanised steel flooring. This means that the steel cage can still be lifted, moved, and handled via forklift. Unlike steel cages with galvanised steel flooring, the hardwood pallet minimises the occurrence of containers and drums slipping or sliding while being transported.


Stackable and Foldable

If the cargo inside the VisionMod pallet cages does not exceed beyond the height of the cage, they can be stacked on top of another up to three high in height, although depending on the height of the pallet cage. They are also a flatpack design to reduce space when not in use, so they take up less space in any storage space. When preparing for use, they are easily assembled for placement on top of the hardwood pallet.     


Multiple Height Sizes

VisionMod pallet steel cages come in different height sizes so each steel cage caters to a different type of cargo load, whether the load will be parts, materials, products, equipment, containers, or drums. Steel cage height starts at 300mm to 500mm, and up to 800mm.


Choice of Fixed Sides or with Gate

The basic VisionMod steel cages come with fixed steel mesh sides. Three steel cage models come with two easy-access lift-off gates. Two steel cage models offer just one lift-off gate. The lift-off gate provides easy access to anything inside the cage, should there be a necessity for access during transportation. For storage purposes, the lift-off gates offer easy access to products inside the steel cage in case anything needs to be taken out without the need to lift or move the whole steel cage.


Overall Safety and Protection

To keep goods, materials, equipment, containers, and cargo in general, secure and safe then VisionMod steel pallet cages are the best option for any company. There is less risk of damage to any cargo inside, and goods are not exposed while being transported or when in storage. The pallet cage’s relevance is seen when it comes to transporting the pallet cage by land, sea, or air.


At Daywalk, our VisionMod steel pallet cages are designed and manufactured with long-term preservation and protection in mind. This is because we are passionate about preventing wasted goods and products. Visit our website at https://daywalk.com/ for any queries.