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Warehouse Safety Advice | Weathering Transportation Concerns

Running a central distribution warehouse base with multiple drop points is some serious work. Often, the drop points are very far from base. There are concerns about components getting damaged, lost, or stolen at any point during transit from base to drop point to end-user. The weather is another concern; an afternoon drizzle could cause a spike in moisture, which spells bad news for electronic parts and other similarly moisture-sensitive products.


These are just some of the possible scenarios that any warehouse manager would be rightly concerned with when it comes to weathering transportation and storage matters that will inevitably crop up over time.


How does one address some, if not all, of these possible problems? What kind of warehouse safety advice should be heeded in these cases? Consider high-performing storage systems as a solution. Omni-tuff offers a range of answers to these situations.


The Omni-tuff Secure-A-Move is a storage system that has lockable swing doors, anti-tilt bars, 3mm floors, and a powder coated orange sheeting for high visibility on site. The Secure-A-Move comes in two versions, the single level, and double level.


The single level Secure-A-Move is designed and fabricated to comfortably house a 1165mm x 1165mm pallet with cargo. The single level Secure-A-Move is sized in a such a way that allows for the use of a forklift to load and unload goods already stocked or strapped to a pallet; this eliminates the need to hand load and unload any goods. The single level Secure-A-Move also has a weatherproof coating, making it ideal for warehouses that have weather concerns with regards to storage.


Meanwhile, the double level Secure-A-Move features two lockable doors and an overall height of 1800mm. The unit is ideal for delivering smaller-sized components around the warehouse or between sites. The unit is also fully sheeted to minimise the risks of weather damage to both storage system and its contents.


If weatherproofing solutions are already addressed, but easy access and visibility is an unaddressed need, then consider the International 1400 range of cages. The cage range has mesh sides and a solid floor, which allows you to forklift an already-loaded pallet into the cage.


There’s also the Mongoose range of cages. The Mongoose range of cages is ideal for warehouses that have already addressed their covered transport and weather protection concerns, but still need to address storage security. The Mongoose range is cost-effective, has two half-fold lockable lids, and half-fold down gates. They’re an effective way to administer a supply base management scheme because they utilise a master key with an individually keyed system for each drop point.


Finally, there are weather-proof reusable covers. Mesh cages on timber pallets would benefit the most from these covers, as an example. The covers are available in different thicknesses: 680um, 900um and 1300um. They can be fastened to pallets using rope ties. These reusable covers can greatly help in minimising opportunities for on-site theft or pilfering.


The above warehouse safety advice attempts to answer some of the most common concerns that come up when discussing between-bases product transportation, weather concerns, and similar warehouse problems.