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What if steel pallets don’t suit my components/logistical structure?

So, what if steel pallets don’t suit my components or logistical structure? While we offer an extensive range of steel pallets that suit a wide range of components, it is very possible that our solutions just don’t suit your operation. We aren’t here to try to make a square fit through a circular hole, that’s why we wrote this blog to tell you some reasons why our products may not suit you.


Number one:

Your products may be small and light. While these products still need to be stored and transported in a safe manner, it could be hard to justify doing so with a steel pallet. If the pallet costs more than the product, investing in it may be an expensive operation. We have just released a new pallet option, the XYPHOS, designed to suit lighter components and to provide a cost-effective replacement for the timber pallet, which may be the solution to this problem.


Number two:

You may have an open loop supply chain, meaning that whatever you send out doesn’t come back. In this case, spending the money on a steel pallet won’t provide much more return than the fact that you have the assurance that the component has been transported safely. However, a lot of our customers are in this situation, and what we find they often do to solve this problem is to on-charge to cover the cost of the pallet or charge the customer for not returning the frame. This means that they aren’t losing money, and there is the assurance of safe transport.


Number three:

Your components may be one-off and absolutely massive. While the DAYWALK range is constantly evolving to create solutions for new and difficult components, sometimes we just may not have the solution for you. In this case, you may be better off getting a frame custom engineered and fabricated.

However, if you have heavy and awkward components, are prepared to invest the money in safe and compliant solutions and have a system where you either charge your customer extra for the frame in a single direction supply chain, or are going to get it back in a closed loop supply chain, we are the people for you. Whether you think you fit or not, we are still happy to talk, so get in contact today and we can help you through the process of becoming a safe and compliant supply chain.