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Why Do You Still Need to Use Pallet Collars?

Let’s face facts. Many companies still use a considerable number of timber-based pallets. Some companies have even stored a lot of these wooden pallets for future use. To make the most out of this, pallets and pallet collars need to be partnered together. The pallet collar is an excellent solution for the requirements of safe product transportation.

The Pallet Collar

Pallet collars are actually a modern advancement and the efficient replacement for traditional wooden boxes. They offer a practical solution to storing, packaging, and shipping products that need to stay protected and secure.

A pallet collar can consist of four to eight wooden boards with metallic hinges in each foldable corner to hold the boards together. The collar is then placed on top of a traditional wooden pallet to form a boxed-type storage. No assembly is needed because the pallet collar simply slots securely on top of the pallet. When removed, they can be easily folded for easy stacking and storage. This enables flexibility at an affordable price. The hinges allow the pallet collar to be collapsed after being used. This is most helpful especially for space-conscious warehouses and industries.


Aside from its physical benefits, the pallet collar offers cost-effectiveness, a tremendous benefit for any business looking to save money or cut costs. Pallet collars help to reduce the risk of damage to the palletised goods during transportation. This means less replacement and repair costs, whether in the short or long-term.

Products can be packed more efficiently, and depending on the length of the pallet collar, more products can be shipped using less space, reducing transportation costs. Pallet collars make for a smart investment if you are looking to reduce costs while still being able to use your supply of wooden pallets.

Space Saving

Because of its unique design, the pallet collar is the perfect tool for saving space. Whether you need to use it to transport your goods or to store them in a warehouse, using pallet collar spacer brackets will also allow you to stack your wooden pallets more efficiently without the danger of damaging the products or load.

Since pallet collars are collapsible after use, they don’t take up much space in any warehouse when stored away.

Daywalk Pallet Collars

Pallet Collar 4 Hinge

Can be attached to a standard 1165mmx1165mm timber pallet. It helps to organise or store any company’s critical spares and products, or when transporting goods. Lids, dividers, and other accessories are available for all Daywalk pallet collars.

Pallet Collar 6 Hinge

Comes with two centre hinges for even more compact folding. Can be attached to a standard 1165mmx1165mm timber pallet.

Double Pallet Collar, 4 Hinge, 2330x1165mm

This is designed to be used with double-width hardwood pallets. An economical way for storage in warehouse racking systems.Double Pallet Collar

From storage to transportation to deliveries, pallet collars can help companies keep their products secure and safe while reducing costs. If you are

interested in trying out pallet collars to pair with your supply of existing wooden pallets, the Daywalk team is ready to discuss a solution that is tailored to your business needs.


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