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Making Light Work of Heavy Load Storage & Transport

Xyphos Single 3T Steel Pallets Break the Cycle on Timber


Fortescue Metals Group (FMG)


Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) was churning through hardwood timber pallets, which did not meet their needs for cost, safety or sustainability.

FMG’s mining warehouse had a significant need for a pallet solution that could handle very heavy loads in rugged indoor and outdoor environments. Working with hardwood pallets had become a commercial drain that was costing them financially and environmentally while posing risks to the health and safety of their teams.

Lack of certification and fragility under heavy loads was a significant safety concern. Very limited durability for harsh outdoor environments was economically wasteful. Ongoing disposal of timber and constant replacement was both time-consuming and a significant sustainability concern.

DAYWALK’s 3T 1160mm x 1160mm Xyphos Steel Pallet

The Xyphos Steel Pallet range is an industry-leading innovation in safer and greener storage and transportation solutions. This certified alternative for storage and transport is engineered and designed in Australia, is racking compatible, reusable, recyclable and comes with options for friction rubber for secure transport cases.

Non-compliant timber pallets come with a limited lifespan, high fragility and excessive replacement costs.

DAYWALK’s 3T Xyphos steel pallet is one of the most durable and environmentally friendly pallets on the market.


Strengthened Under-Rails

This fortified design enhances strapping support, making them suitable for rigorous use in transport and storage.

Built to Last

More versatile, economical and high-grade than wood, the Xyphos Steel Pallet is strengthened with heavy-duty powder coating for longevity.

Versatile Design

Accommodates varying weights for transport, racking and storage with options for friction rubber to secure transport cases.

Cost Effective

Durable, reusable and recyclable, achieve an industry-leading return on investment from this high-performance pallet.

FMG has transformed pallet problems into long-term solutions.

“DAYWALK’S Xyphos steel pallets have been absolutely amazing for our mining warehouses. They’re super durable and can handle heavy loads without any issues. Plus, their steel construction makes them resistant to corrosion and wear, which is perfect for harsh mining environments. These pallets are designed to maximise efficiency and safety, allowing for easy stacking and transportation of materials. With their high weight capacity and long lifespan, they’re definitely a top choice for any mining warehouse. It’s great to see how innovative products like these can make such a positive impact in the industry!” – Warehouse Supervisor



Delivering Leadership in Compliant Transport & Storage Solutions!

DAYWALK is Australia’s premier innovator in storage and transportation solutions with a focus on a safer and greener supply chain. Xyphos Steel Pallets provide a certified solution the industry has been in dire need of.

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