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For safe storage and transport, it’s easy to see the importance of using quality, standardised storage containers in your warehouse and transporting products. Cardboard boxes often do not provide sufficient durability to offer adequate protection for your goods. The solution is simple: pallet bins designed and manufactured by DAYWALK for the Australian market.

Why Choose DAYWALK Pallet Bins?

Our plastic pallet bins are designed to solve your storage problems and provide quick and efficient warehousing and distribution. We have a range of rigid bins with several beneficial features and a collapsible bin. The latter is ideal for transport where the bin will return to the warehouse empty, as it folds down to a third of its height while remaining stackable.

The rigid MegaBin has the following features: 

  • The standardised external size of 1162mm × 1162mm × 730mm is consistent across the
    range and facilitates predictable loading, transport and storage requirements.
  • The MegaBin range is made from quality plastic that is entirely non-porous for easy cleaning and sanitising before and after use for assorted contents. The bins have rounded corners for better occupational safety.
  • The MegaBin has a storage load of 500kg and is available as standard with extended feet and under-rails. There is also the option of a ventilated bin.
  • The plastic pallet bins are stackable with and without the optional lid. An internal divider is available to keep items segregated within the MegaBin and thus maximise container usage during transport or storage.

Versatile Plastic Pallet Tubs for Universal Storage Solutions

Our locally designed rigid and collapsible pallet tubs are the ideal warehousing solution, as they are compatible with all standard forklifts, directly stackable and offer ±700 litres of internal storage capacity.

We also assist our clients with choosing the most optimal storage and transport solutions for their unique business operations. Be assured with DAYWALK.

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