Plastic Pallets

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Plastic pallets are an excellent long-term investment compared to timber. Easy to transport and with ultra-long lifespans, plastic pallets aren’t just durable – they’re flexible for different types of goods.

Made from recycled Polyethylene, Daywalk’s plastic pallets for sale are the eco-friendly and sustainable option. Because our pallets are also UV-stabilised, they’ll last in the harsh sun and are suitable for outdoor storage.

For an efficient and 100% recycled transport and storage option, explore plastic pallets made for Australian businesses.

6,000 kg static load and 2,000 kg dynamic load

Made from rugged and recycled plastic

Can be sterilised, steam cleaned and hot washed

Product Range

Why choose Daywalk Plastic Pallets?

Highly cost effective, plastic pallets last longer than traditional timber alternatives and tend to have lower freight costs. Daywalk’s products in particular are also better for the environment, because they’re made from recycled materials. It’s why they’re the superior choice when it comes to plastic pallets for sale in Australia.

As one of the most economical ways to store heavy gear, a Daywalk plastic pallet is racking compatible and suitable for both forklifts and pallet jacks. It can seamlessly replace an equivalent timber product for a strong long-term return on investment.

Which Plastic Pallet is right for my business?

Daywalk’s plastic pallets for sale are industry standard in their width. That means it’s ideal for any business that wants to switch to more heavy-duty pallets that are also better for the planet. Great for exporting, plastic pallets don’t need heat treating and
are also more hygienic for industries that require sterile handling.

If you’re a business that faces adverse weather conditions, Daywalk’s plastic pallets offer better defence against UV deterioration. In outdoor storage environments, you’ll need to replace pallets much less often if they’re plastic.