Steel Stillages & Cages

Using the right Steel Stillages and Pallet Cages can minimise your inefficiency and maximise usable warehouse space. Flexible and stackable products that are appropriately rated and approved can free up valuable space

Daywalk’s range of Steel Stillages and Pallet Cages are ideal for storing both heavier components and multiple SKUs. They’re designed for Australian pallet racking, which means easy access in storage.

Steel Stillages

  • Ideal for bulk storage and handling
  • Galvanised, certified and rated for 1.2T in storage
  • Includes removable gates
  • Forklift compatible, collapsible and easily stacked up to four high

Pallet Cages

  • Ideal for economical storage
  • Flat pack for easy transportation
  • Designed for safety in racking
  • Swing gates for easy access

Steel storage boxes

  • Ideal for storing critical components
  • Hi-vis orange colour
  • Minimises ingress of UV, dirt, dust and rain
  • Unique multifunctional designs

Product Range

Explore DAYWALK’s leading steel cage and stillage solutions as well as our site boxes, storage boxes and freestanding steel racks. Rated and Engineered for peace-of-mind, designed by our leading inhouse designers – made for leading durability and safety. Our steel storage cages, steel stillages, storage boxes and steel racks are used by heavy industry in the toughest and harshest environments. Find out more by reaching out to our specialists.

Why choose Daywalk Steel Stillages?

Favourites of heavy industry, Daywalk’s Steel Stillages, Pallet Cages and Storage Boxes last in the toughest and harshest environments. Rated and precision engineered, our leading in-house designers ensure that they’re made for durability and safety. 

In-stock and ready-to-go storage vessels from Daywalk are the economical and easy-to-manage choice for components large and small.

Which Steel Stillages are right for my business?

Daywalk’s best-in-class Steel Stillages and Pallet Cages are highly versatile, and there are several options available depending on your needs. For example, Zinc-Plated Steel Cages are suited to lighter-duty storage applications, while galvanised variants will last longer in harsher environments. 

We also offer collapsible cages for even greater space-saving storage, as well as industry-specific ranges – such as cages designed for recycling