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DAYWALK’s Storage Solutions embody the pinnacle of efficiency and safety in industrial storage. Catering to a diverse range of applications, these solutions include Steel Stillages & Cages, robust Strapping Systems, versatile Plastic Pallets and Bins, and Timber & Pallet Collars. Each product is meticulously engineered to maximise space, enhance product accessibility and ensure the utmost security of stored goods. Whether it’s for warehouse storage, on-site material handling or secure transportation, our storage solutions meet the rigorous demands of modern industries.

Durable, functional and adaptable our Steel Stillages and Cages, such as the Heavy Duty Sheeted Steel Cage, offer robust storage for bulky or oblong items. These cages, including the Galvanised Double Heavy Duty Steel Cage, are designed for safety and durability. They are collapsible, stackable and compatible with pallet racking systems, making them an ideal choice for efficient space utilisation​​​​​​.

The Strapping Systems provided by DAYWALK, including PET and Polywoven Strapping Systems, are engineered to ensure the secure and compliant containment of goods during storage and transportation.

Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets and Bins are versatile storage solutions, designed for durability and ease of use, while our Hardwood Pallets & Pallet Collars can be used with various accessories to meet specific storage requirements​​.

Choosing DAYWALK for your storage solutions means investing in a future-focused approach that combines innovation, safety and adaptability. With a unique commitment to understanding and anticipating industry needs, we ensure that every solution is a long-term asset for your operations.

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