Strapping Systems

Pallet strapping and pallet banding are essential for keeping loads secure. This is especially important in the delivery service, goods transportation and warehousing sectors

Properly securing a load means preventing injury, while protecting goods against damage from unexpected events that might occur during transit (or even while in storage).

PET strapping

  • Strap faster than any other method with our automated strapping tools
  • Cost-effective and highly efficient
  • Durable for long-distance transport
  • Up to 722kg break strain

Polywoven strapping

  • Restrain both round and irregular items
  • High tensile strength
  • Reusable and lightweight
  • Up to 2,300kg break strain

Camlock straps

  • Increase efficiency in your warehouse
  • Hi-vis accredited and labeled
  • Reusable alternative to single-straps – with no sharp edges
  • 500 kg break strain

Product Range

Why choose Daywalk Pallet Strapping?

Daywalk is a leader in pallet strapping and pallet banding – especially durable and reliable PET materials, tools and accessories. Our comprehensive kits and strapping systems are safer and create less waste. 

We even provide an in-house repair service and facility, with a well-stocked range of spare parts, to support your whole strapping system. For companies with a limited budget or special needs, Daywalk also offers long-term and short-term rental units.

Which Pallet Strapping is right for my business?

PET pallet strapping is a proven safer material than steel pallet strapping. It’s an excellent alternative, with a well-supported ecosystem of dispensers and battery-operated tools. If you’re an environmentally conscious business, camlock pallet strapping options are reusable and may be a better choice.

For critical and heavy loads, polywoven strapping is incredibly tough and offers total peace of mind. It’s flexibility also makes it a great option for round and oddly shaped items, like piping and cylinders.