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DAYWALK Strapping vs Steel Strapping

With any commercial or industrial manufacturer, supplier, and vendor, we all know the need for strong strapping to hold loads in place securely. This is prevalent primarily when transporting materials like timber and steel on flatbeds and other vehicles. The retain and restrain industry sells a wide range of strapping materials, from steel, nylon, rubber, polyester, PET, and polywoven. However, experienced retain and restrain logistics professionals such as DAYWALK know that PET & Polywoven strappings are the best and most sturdy.

Polywoven strap

Can PET and Polywoven compete with steel strapping?

Can PET (polythene terephthalate) and polywoven webbing straps actually claim to be better than steel straps?

While each strapping offered by DAYWALK contains different qualities, each has its own strength and break strain weight limit that provides options for various industries and loads. However, when comparing them safety-wise to steel strapping, hands down, DAYWALK strapping comes out on top.


Steel strapping

Steel strapping is constructed from mostly steel alloys. The fact that it is made of steel gives it a high break strength compared to other strapping materials like hemp rope, rubber, and some plastic strapping. And in fairness, since it’s steel, it can hold materials with hard corners and sharp edges like I-beams and steel plates.


However, steel strapping is rigid and has almost zero tension and elongation. Thus, when a load settles even a little, steel straps will not compensate. Should the load expand a bit, the materials could get damaged since steel straps will not compensate for the added tension. For instance, when transporting wooden logs, this can settle if taking in moisture, and the load loosens. Also, steel straps can cause chaffing or cracking with logs and other materials.


Steel straps are also susceptible to rusting and corrosion when exposed to extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, steel straps can cut into steel loads like I-beams, exposing the load to rusting.


Daywalk Restraining Systems

PET Strapping

DAYWALK’s PET strapping can withstand break strength of up to 722kg. It is easily strapped onto loads using a battery-operated PET strapping tool. It is available in 16mm and 19mm variants. Aside from strapping tools, dispensers and other accessories are available, or the PET strap system can be purchased as a whole strapping kit.


Polywoven Strapping

DAYWALK’s polywoven system can easily restrain round and irregular loads. For maximum strength and safety, polywoven’s indicative break strain can reach up to 2300kg. The strap also retains its own integrity even if the original colour may fade, is highly resistant to ultra-violet rays, weather-resistant, waterproof, and will never rust. The strap retains high tension for long periods and can be re-tensioned any time. The systems also come with its own dispensers, polywoven buckles, and tensioners.


Reusable Option: Camlock Tidy Straps

Camlock webbing strap is the perfect solution for load restraining efficiency for transporting freight or storage in warehouses. It can be reused over and over again even after being exposed to extreme weather over time. It is easy to use and saves time since you don’t need to continually cut, dispose, and re-strap loads or pallets. Camlock straps have a break strain of up to 500kg.


Choosing Daywalk Strapping

DAYWALK is passionate about preventing wastage, so it has the best quality strapping to restrain your loads and pallets. It is important for DAYWALK that your assets are strapped and safeguarded properly. For your enquiries or to request for a full and free quote, visit DAYWALK now at https://daywalk.com/.