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Sustainable Preservation Methods


Are you faced with these?

  • Plastic breaking down
  • Condensation in the wrapping
  • Too much plastic onsite
  • Hard to inspect the components inside
  • Water pooling up inside the wrapping
  • Rubber seals perishing
  • Corrosion and rusting on bare metals
  • High preservation cost including wrapping
  • Ineffective preservation technology

Preservation without frustration, fear and uncertainty

Preserve your assets from rust, rework and damage with a DAYWALK’s simple three-part Preservation Method.


Preservation success depends on three factors:

large equipment on a metal pallet

Bare metal protection

Atmospheric conditioning

Outer covers

For preservation to be fully effective, any trace of rust must be removed from bare metal surfaces, and the surface protected against the onset of rust:> SKN Peelable Coating> VCI Oil> VCI Gel

Once the cover is in place and the article sealed away from the elements, the space inside the cover needs to be protected against moisture. This is achieved through:> VCI Desiccants> VCI Emitters> VCI Powder

The first success factor, the outer cover, needs to provide protection against the elements. Outer covers can take the form of:> Reusable Covers> VCI Shrink Film


Flexible Solutions that suit you >

We train your team.

Preservation wrapping training available in Perth, Brisbane & Mackay. We come onsite to train your time how to apply DAYWALK preservation solutions and preservation best-practice. Hands-on training and coaching as well as ongoing support to make sure your equipment is always wrapped correctly and effectively, to achieve the best results when in storage.

We wrap for you.

Preservation wrapping available in Perth, Brisbane & Mackay. Preservation application for components like pumps, valves, gears and much more. Packing and palletisation as per customer specification and labelling as required. We can support to make sure your preservation setup is correct and that your assets will be able to withstand harsh onsite conditions.