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What is the difference between ITA25 and ITA21 Tools?

ITAs are lithium polymer battery operated plastic strapping tool. This light-weight electric hand strapping tool is suitable for all heavy duty strapping applications.

Daywalk specialises in two key models of the ITA Strapping Tool: ITA25 & ITA21.

You may ask what is the difference between the two ITA Tools?

The ITA25 is fully automatic with a push button pad, while the ITA21is semi-automatic requiring a manual handling step using a lever. The ITA25 also has a stronger tension force, at 5500N, compared to the ITA21 at 4000N. Another difference is that the ITA25 has a faster tensioning speed, at 12 metres per minute, while the ITA21’s speed is 9 metres per minute.

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ITA Tool System FAQs

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