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wooden pallets in a storeroom

The Business Case for Modular Pallet Collars

Not many people realise that the pallet collar is a valuable solution that can be used to fulfil temporary or semi-permanent storage and product transportation requirements. If you haven’t yet heard about pallet collars, you might be surprised about their benefits primarily when used with timber pallets.


So, what is a pallet collar?

The pallet collar is the modern and efficient replacement for the outdated fixed wooden box. Pallet collars offer the perfect solution to storing, packaging, and shipping products that need to stay secure and protected.

A pallet collar can be constructed using either four or six wooden boards that are held together with metallic hinges to form box-type storage that is secured on top of a timber pallet. Minimal assembly is required since the pallet collar is easily deployed from its folded or collapsed storage form. It is then easily slotted and secured on top of the pallet.

Once the pallet collar is not needed, the hinges allow the structure to be collapsed, an excellent feature for space-conscious warehouse managers and businesses.


The benefit of space saving innovation

Because of their unique design, wooden pallet collars are a great space-saving solution. Whether for transporting cargo or for storage in warehouses, collars allow multiple items to be restrained on a single pallet. Furthermore, pallet collar spacer brackets can be used to stack two pallets with two collars each.



One significant benefit in the use of pallet collars is how they can help any business save money. Pallet collars help reduce the risk of damage to your pallets and products during transportation and while in storage. This means the business will have reduced replacement costs and repair costs in the long run.

What’s more, pallet collars allow you to pack your products more efficiently and to the maximum, enabling you to ship more using less space, again reducing transportation costs.


Pallet collars by Daywalk

For storage or transportation, pallet collars can help your company keep products in top condition while reducing costs. If you are interested in trying out pallet collars, Daywalk are trusted partners in pallet collars for a wide range of industries.

  • 4 Hinge Pallet Collar – This timber pallet collar is available in 1165mm x 1165 x 192mmH in size. Optional lids, dividers, and other accessories are available as options.
  • 6 Hinge Pallet Collar – This is the collapsible version of the 4 Hinge, for easy stowing away when not in use.
  • Accessories – This includes Lids that come with heavy-duty pressed metal corner locating lugs so they locate correctly on top of the collar, and Pallet Collar Dividers in one, two, and three notches.

So, think Daywalk for your warehousing safety and efficiency needs. Our professional team understands that everyone is strapped for resources in today’s economy, and can bring value that extends beyond the solution itself. For pallet collars, pallet cages, strapping equipment, and other storage and handling needs, visit our website now at https://daywalk.com/.