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CoR Compliance: Daywalk Rated Steel Pallet

Pallets are used for many things, but the primary function of pallets is to store shipments safety and for warehouse stacking storage. Example of materials used for pallets is timber pallets, plastic pallets, and metal pallets.

The advantage of using wooden pallets is its economical nature. They are in-stock and cost-effective. However, timber pallets can only be used for lighter loads, and the materials are easily affected by weather, and it is susceptible to damage caused by mishandling and overloading of transported products.

Plastic pallets are more durable than timber pallets. It is reusable and compact since it is manufactured as a whole, which means it is without any assembled parts and seams. It is more costly than timber pallets, but the quality is worth its price when it comes to weather resistance. The plastic pallet is exceptionally resilient to pressure and impact, making it another best option in choosing a type of pallet.

However, when it comes to staying compliant when storing and transporting heavy equipment, metal stands out. Metal pallets are an engineered and load rated product, designed to be bolted through and lashed down to to ensure safe transport. They can be reused many times over without having to worry about damaged stocks and dented pallets.

Metal-made pallets are considered as the best option for pallet usage with heavier loads. DAYWALK Steel Pallet has a capacity load of 2 tonnes, with steel gridded mesh top to provide an easy way to fasten stocks of different sizes and shapes. Steel materials are designed to resist damages caused by heat, air, moisture. and mishandling of shipmen. And it is equipped with a higher allowable load-bearing capacity compared to other types of pallets.

Benefits of Steel Materials:

  • Option of Rated Accessories
  • Engineered and rated
  • Reusability
  • Easy lashing – lugs and grid mesh to bolt through
  • Load-restraint engineered

OMNI-TUFF Steel pallets have a variety in sizes:

  • 580x1165mm Rated 1T
  • 1165x1165mm Rated 2T
  • 2330x1165mm Rated 3T
  • 2330x1500mm Rated 6T
  • 3500x1500mm Rated 10T

With Daywalk, we guarantee the excellence in quality of our products. For more information about warehouse storage tools and equipment, visit us at Daywalk.com.