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Home Blogs The Daywalk CamLock Strap: A Cost-Efficient Strapping Solution

The Daywalk CamLock Strap: A Cost-Efficient Strapping Solution

Warehouses face the daily struggle of having to constantly strap, cut, and re-strap pallets several times during the workday. Strapping can occur anywhere from five to fifteen times a day, regularly, and can be a very cost-inefficient practice, given that straps cannot be reused when they’ve been cut. Is there a solution to this problem?


The answer is yes: the CamLock strap.


The CamLock strap is 50mm wide and comes in a variety of colour-coded lengths:

  • yellow 3m
  • orange 5m
  • pink 7m

The CamLock has a 500kg load rating per strap. After the initial threading, the strap can be tightened and loosened multiple times without unthreading the strap completely from the buckle. Because of the reusability of the CamLock, it is often considered as a cost-effective solution to one-way strapping.

In a case study conducted in cooperation with Aurizon, Australia’s largest rail freight operator, Daywalk tested the concept and design of the Camlock strap using content meant for shipping. Given the primary concern of items knocking open the shipping container’s doors and causing injury (either in and of themselves by colliding into operators, or by other means), the Camlock was threaded around both vertical bars that control the doors

or locks to test its resiliency.


The Camlock proved itself by holding its own during the stress test, allowing for operators to open the container doors to a controlled opening width, which the operators can then use to assess the situation of the cargo and if it is safe to remove the Camlock restricting the door.


With that said, CamLocks are used more for restraint during storage rather than in transport. This is because the CamLock is designed to be for a quick tighten-and-release system; if a protruding object bumped the CamLock lever during transport, the strap could loosen. A ratchet-type strap is more applicable for transport, while the CamLock is better suited to restrain product being stored in a warehouse, laydown yard, or another storage area.


When considering strapping options for storage purposes, choose the Daywalk CamLock straps.