Daywalk Steel Pallet Range

Daywalk Steel Pallets

The Daywalk Steel Pallet range is designed to take the pain out of heavy equipment transport. Being a pre-engineered solution, which is certified for transport, the Steel Pallet range gives you peace of mind that your transport will meet Chain of Responsibility (CoR) compliance requirements.

What’s more, the range is compatible with a large variety of bolting and attachment accessories, giving you ‘Meccano-like’ flexibility to build a safe transport frame suited to your specific requirement. The large range of pallets and accessories gives you flexibility to use the system for a variety of parts – whether it cylindrical items, equipment with mounting plates, or irregular spares.

Furthermore, Daywalk holds large stock of pallets and accessories, saving you time compared to custom frames – which may take several weeks to manufacture.

– All sizes in stock

– Logistics Certified and Engineered to ensure CoR Compliance

– Compatible with large range of bolting and chocking accessories

– Heavy duty galvanised finish for longevity

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