To protect valuable assets such as critical spare parts from damage, pilferage, theft, or loss while in storage in a warehouse or even while being transported, many industries are now adopting the use of metal or steel cages. Metal cages with steel mesh walls are good at securing inventory, cutting down on pilferage while enhancing safety in industrial spaces or while in transit.

Likewise, steel cages are more versatile because they provide better protection overall and are easy to move or relocate using a forklift or trolley. They are also easily assembled, reassembled, or folded away for easy storage when not in use.

For Large Storage Rooms

Manufacturing and industrial facilities always have that large storage room that is important for storing crucial supplies, materials, or shipments. For double security, metal cages can be used inside the storage rooms to limit the access of people who can come and go into the storage rooms. Even if people can enter the storage room, the steel cage inside keeps whatever is vital locked away.

As a Secured Stock Room

For industries or facilities with limited space, a durable metal cage or several metal cages can take the place of a secured stock room. The metal cages can protect stocks and inventory since the metal cage walls are made of steel mesh. It’s the perfect way to prevent pilferage.

Enhancing Safety During Transportation

When critical spare parts, materials, and high-value inventory are transported, metal cages with hinged doors or lids with locks provide the best layer of security against threats posed by smash and grab thieves, especially if a land trip involves travelling at night or on roads along uninhabited areas. Metal cages are also stackable inside trucks or shipping containers, saving space and being able to transport more cargo.

The same safety and practical aspects apply with transporting using metal cages if the cargo involves controlled or hazardous materials like toxic chemicals. It’s a good thing that metal cages manufactured by Daywalk meet all stringent security requirements for this task set up government bodies.

In general, another advantage of metal cages, especially for those utilising hinged doors or lids with locks, is that they are secured and can only be accessed with permission from an administrator.

Another is that a company’s metal cages can also protect people, should the spares or surplus materials happen to be hazardous such as toxic chemicals or materials that can be life-threatening if handled by unauthorised workers.

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Daywalk even offers products for Dangerous Good Handling and Management.

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