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Oversized Cargo? No More Headaches with Daywalk Double Width Metal Cage

One of the challenges with manufacturing, transport, and shipping providers is the difficulty of irregularly shaped or oversized cargo. The standard international pallet size is around 48 x 40 inches, while in Australia, it is 45.90 x 45.90 inches (1165 x 1165 mm). So, what happens when cargo is measured and longer than 1200mm?


Remember that not all oversized cargo can be broken down and resized to fit the standard or Australian pallet measurement. The primary consideration for oversized freight is that, should metal cages or pallet cages be used, the cargo should fit well, and no lift-off lid or gate should be removed. The mesh sides should not be removed either, relegating the metal cage to a mere metal pallet. The ends of the cargo should never go beyond the length or width of the metal cage to become unsupported protruding ends.


Pre-fabricated hydraulic hoses? Conveyor belt rolls? Bulky components? Large critical spares? Long light bulbs? The best solution you can opt for is to use the Daywalk Shield Collapsible International Pallet Stillage – Double Width.


One of the unique metal cages in the range of Daywalk steel cages, the Double Width International Pallet Stillage offers the following key advantages:

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Strength and Durability

The Double Width is manufactured from hot-dip galvanised steel, which means this metal cage is ruggedly built for the most extreme weather and environments. Galvanised steel also prevents rust creep and corrosion. The solid steel floor and steel mesh sides add to the cage’s durability and strength, aside from its heavy-duty capability of carrying heavy loads.


Lids and Gates

For loads that require security and non-disclosure, the Double Width International Pallet Stillage has the option of a lid that can be locked. This means that this metal cage can secure shipments even if they are oversized or uneven. The half-fold down front and rear gates also ensure that the cargo can be quickly inspected if needed, or can be easily accessed for any purpose without the need to move the whole metal cage. The gates can also be opened and the palletised cargo removed by using a forklift, again, without the metal cage being moved.


Collapsible or Easy Assembly

The Double Width metal cages are fully collapsible. In a matter of seconds, a worker can collapse and disassemble or assemble the cage, with no tools required. This saves a lot of time for turnaround and can be used even in remote ports or warehouses. Storage space is saved and maximised since they can be stacked up to seven high or stacked side-by-side.


Forklift Compatible and Anti-Tilt Safety

For heavy loads, in the event that the load inside the Double Width International Pallet Stillage has shifted and the weight is not evenly distributed, the safety under-rails hold the cage in place until it can be placed back on firm ground and the load re-adjusted and evenly distributed.


Shipping Container Compatible

The Double Width International Pallet Stillage can easily fit crosswise into a shipping container. Compare this to conventional pallets that are difficult to fit into containers.


For enquiries or quotes for the Double Width International Stillage, or to view other metal cages or pallet cages, visit Daywalk at their website, https://daywalk.com/.