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A Rust Prevention Breakthrough

Introducing the SKN Rust Prevention Range

Previously known as Uni-tuff or Seal ‘n’ Peel, SKN is the world’s simplest rust protectant. Daywalk is excited to bring you the innovative range of SKN products including a breakthrough in rust prevention – the SKN Aerosol.

The SKN Range

What customers have to say >

We tested the product in blasted steel with a 3.5 mil profile…. It worked great preventing corrosion on the steel, and was easily removed with no detected chemical residue.

I saw firsthand the benefits of SKN during the past couple of years whilst at the fabrication yard in Malaysia

Senior Mechanical EngineerChevron

This coating... would save tons of money on the manpower involved in preservation of thousands of valves alone

Planner CCJV Maintenance MemberMcDermott

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