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Using Metal Cages: Maximising Warehouse Space Without Expanding It

For warehouse owners, there are ways to maximise available space without the need to spend extra for extensions or renovation jobs. Even when an expansion is not an option, there are ways to make the most of warehouse space such as using metal cages.

 metal cages

General Cleaning to Remove Clutter

You’ll be surprised that warehouses have more space than they appear to. Often, there is a lot of free space once the warehouse had been tidied up. Consider going on a one-day general cleaning to de-clutter and throw away what you don’t need. This is a far cheaper alternative than an expensive renovation.


Do a complete inventory and go over your records. See what needs to be thrown out and what needs to be stored somewhere else. As you keep cleaning, you will discover more and more things you no longer need. You’ll be surprised how much clutter a warehouse can hold. The space you can free up will be worth the day.


Use the Right Storage Systems

Some warehouse managers and owners may think that wide shelves and racks will help make the most of the space in a warehouse. While racks and shelves may hold a lot of items, they don’t necessarily maximise the floor space. Warehouses need the right storage solutions that allow for flexible and smooth operations. So, aside from providing sufficient rack and shelf space for stocks, a warehouse will also need storage solutions within those racks such as Metal Cages and Pallet Cages. And the best high-quality metal and pallet cages are manufactured by Daywalk.


Daywalk’s International steel cage stillage is the ideal storage solution for warehouses, especially for bulk storage. Its anti-tipping design, steel mesh sides, and sheet flooring ensure durability for anything you put in storage including metal spare parts, tools, goods, and even large or uneven industrial equipment. It can be lifted with a standard forklift and is stackable. This means that two or three stillages can be stacked, saving floor space in a warehouse.


The Inventory Must Always be Seen

When storing items in containers and arranging them on racks, it can appear that space has been optimised. But often, there is a lot of wasted space in bulky containers. Try using smaller storage units that take up less space, or opt for steel cage stillage that can store anything in bulk while allowing visibility because of the steel mesh sides. Some metal cages even come with half-fold down gates for easy access or inspection of the contents. The gates can be accessed even if the cages are stacked. For added security, the gates can be hinge-locked for additional protection to prevent theft or pilferage. Secured lids can also be provided with locks.


Metal cages from Daywalk make finding items in storage much easier.


As the leading provider of high-quality and trusted warehouse storage solutions such as bins, metal cages, dunnage, pallet cages, and pallet collars, Daywalk has the right storage systems and units for various storage applications. For enquiries or quotes, call Daywalk today or visit their website at https://daywalk.com/.