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Who Actually is DAYWALK?

So, who actually is DAYWALK? What actually do we do? Are you a freight company? Are you a compliance and safety consultant? Are you a supplier? Yes, good question.

We get this question a lot, so we sat down and thought about it, and figured we’d write a blog and answer the question once and for all.

At DAYWALK our main reason for being is to help make our world safer. Why? Because we believe that life is precious. 

We do this by providing solutions for heavy industry including certified, in-stock and adjustable frames, storage-rated solutions, and much more. We are leaders in delivering end-to-end compliant transport & storage systems. 

To break that down further, by end-to-end we mean we cover all bases: from design, to certification, to delivery, to aftermarket support.

Firstly, we are here to make our roads safer. How? By preventing heavy equipment from falling off the back of trucks. 

Secondly, we are here to make storage less of a headache for you, by helping you maximise space efficiency, and to store and preserve components in a safe and practical way.

Essentially, we are here to help you with your transport and storage needs, and to make it easier for you to have a clean safety record and abide by all the compliance laws that can sometimes get tricky to understand.

Contact us through the website or give us a call to start on the journey with us today.

And remember, have a great day.